EpicNet in a Nutshell

February 28, 2013 1 comment

A good website takes having the parts working together to create a good experience for your visitor and also be indexed correctly by search engines. The old saying having all your eggs in one basket can lead to all your eggs to be crushed is also wrong because the more you have setup on your website will give you better ranking with search engines. Having a Blog to communicate with your customers is a great way to tell your customers what you are doing but it shows fresh content on your site which search engine just love. When you have your e-commerce with your blog and landing pages in one easy place there is less confusion which will keep your follows on the right path.

EpicNet is a solution which includes all these important parts. When you get your site you will get a blog address automatically http://www.yourdomain.com/blog.aspx to be sure people will know what new things you are doing. You will have complete e-commerce to show products, create invoices, payment management, and customer communication. With EpicNet you will also have the ability to do business management for all parts of your online business transactions.

When you get the complete product you will have a multi user environment where you can control what your employees will see and do. You will also have a control panel area to manage all aspects http://www.yourdomain.com/controlpanel to do this task quickly and easily. You will also get a phone log system which will go from the customer search to the right employee so your employee will have the details of the customer and why they called for great customer service. Because customer service is the name of the game and this solution being web based will allow you and your employees to stay on top of everything.

EpicNet will help you keep you in control of your business and it being web based, you can be in control of all parts of what you do. To get a feel of what EpicNet is all about check out http://www.eazystorefronts.com and sign-up for your free site to get a feel of the product and you will start to see the power of EpicNet. IF you are still not sure about what you want to do with your web presence you can get our upgrade product which will give you the basic business management tools to add products and do business. Any way you go you will not lose because this is a flexible product and is easy to use.

Details about EpicNet

February 21, 2013 6 comments

In the last few months we have spent a lot of time doing the finishing touches on the EpicNet solution to make sure you get the best product possible. January first was the release of a stable version and we are happy to say you will have the best and easiest way to get your small business online. Mix EpicNet with our other marketing products and you will have strongest lead generating program at this price range. The features you get with the premium services is your own web address, 10 e-mail addresses, custom theme, blogging, invoicing, customer management, business management, inventory management, and payments through credit card and PayPal. This is just to start because there are things in the works to make your e-commerce program more powerful.

We have spent the last five to six years developing and testing to be sure this system can help you get online without having HTML experience. EpicNet puts together a line of products from an easy to use free product up to a full premium package which you can call your own. Each package feels the same as you set it up for your use except the premium package which also includes a control panel for complete business management. The whole product is centered on customization and we can create a theme to fit what you want to see in your application because this is all about your passion coming alive. When you choose the free or upgrade product you can select one of the themes we have created and we will be adding them all the time to give you more choices. Any product you choose you will have a winning product to be online with.

EpicNet is just one part of the complete marketing program we offer and we are working on more product s to help you along. We offer a contacts manager solution to collect contacts from any website not just our product line to give you the every opportunity to collect leads. You need those leads to grown your business and create income to see more details check out http://www.epiccomputers.biz/marketing.aspx to see these products. You can also earn extra income by participating in our affiliate program which you can add a link to any web presence you have. Check out http://www.eazystorefronts.com and click on affiliate program. We always will help you make your new web site be the best it can be.

EpicNet includes many features you need to be able to conduct business online and they are going to grow as time goes by. Themes are what your site looks like and it is important to be sure it fits what your products and services you provide. The free and upgrade products have our community available themes which are provided as is but we can create a theme that can be added to the community which you like. One of the biggest and important things you can to do to help your business is to create blog entries and EpicNet gives you a blog right out of the box. To use invoicing, customer management, business management, and payments you have to have the upgrade or premium package which are easy to use. This program is about making it easy for you to use because as a small business owner you have a lot of things to do and spending a lot of time creating a web site is hard to fit in.

Upgrading Available

February 3, 2013 24 comments

Good news now you can upgrade your http://www.eazystorefronts.com to do invoicing, inventory management, service management, and business management for just 58.99 a year. This a great product for people who have a basic website and need a place to do these additional functions without a big price tag. Check out http://www.eazystorefronts.com for more details.

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Affiliate Program

February 3, 2013 1 comment

Being affiliate will get you a http://www.eazystorefronts.com/ Store Front which you can customize to your taste. You have a blog page to tell everyone what you are doing and having people register to your site will earn you money. Soon we will be creating a upgrade to allow you to show products and do business management from your Store Front. When you visit http://www.eazystorefronts.com/ you can see a list of all the store fronts by clicking Store Fronts With Us on the left site to get seen and after you log in you can click on Your Site to copy the URL to any where you want to show your site. When you click on Site Profile you can see your affiliate link to add to your other pages to spread the word and make you money.

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Old School Marketing

January 16, 2013 56 comments

When it comes to marketing your business in this internet age you have more ways to get the work out but does it really help the bottom line. When people talk about marketing they always talk about SEO good landing pages and everything else which involves websites. There are many business do not benefit as much from the internet as others and these business seem to be told that they need to spend the time doing internet marketing. The question is does anyone talk about doing mailings and canvassing? Is this medium still a viable for creating and maintaining customers?

When you marketed your business 10 to 20 years ago all you needed was to do a good job and take care of your customers the best you can and if someone else did a better job they would take the customer from you. In most cases business people could find enough work to maintain their life styles and pay their employees. When it came down to getting new customers all you had to do is talk to people and create some fliers and put out a few hundred to get the word out. Between the economy and the internet marketing has become a hard thing to do correctly. Since internet marketing has been touted as the new and best way to market everyone seems to forget the way it was done for years.

Internet marketing is all about getting the word about your business to a bigger audience with less expense but the thing most people don’t think about the amount of competition that is on the internet. A lot of people don’t realize the internet is great for retailers who want to sell products to a large amount of people to lower the cost and price. The other side of the internet is to allow people to find you quickly and this all requires good SEO and good landing pages. The internet should be viewed as tool in your marketing tool box but not the only way to market.

One of the hardest things business people have to do is to get their message to the right person and do it in way that will not break the bank. Finding a good balance between the internet mailing and yes even canvassing is what it will take to get the message out. Because of the cost of marketing it is important to find a way to target to people who will want to see what you do. Each person who goes into business does a different thing for people and when it comes to finding customers it takes different ways to find them. For example you are a pizza delivery and you want advertize. The internet is a nice tool to allow customers to make quick orders but will not help you get customers because most people look for coupons in the local media to make their choice so door to door fliers and coupons in the local media is the best way to go. You must keep in mind what you offer and make the right choice to be a success.

The internet is always in the news good or bad it is always in your face and you as a business person are using the internet in one form or another. So no matter what the internet is here to stay and it is used by just about everyone so you always try to find a way to use it to find new customers. There is something that no one talks about like they talk about internet marketing and that is how to use mailing and door to door fliers. This type of marketing has been used for a long time before the internet was used and is still very affective in many types of business. To keep in mind the best customers are the ones in your own back yard so to speak because the people around you are the ones who know you well enough to trust your knowledge. The best way to advertize of course is word of mouth because this is all based on trust and people work with people they trust. When it comes to fliers and mailings there is away to find trust because you are dealing with a local person who you can call and ask around to see if they are worth trusting where the internet is a little harder to do so.

When it comes to marketing you have to find away to use all these mediums together to be affective and with the right balance it will happen you just have to be open minded. Do your research to find out the best way to get into the minds of the people who you are targeting and always smile because you never know who you are talking to because they maybe the next best customer who will tell everyone that you are the best at what you do.

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Bad Days With Windows

December 23, 2012 23 comments

Today is one of those days why Linux seems better and better because today is the day Windows Small Business Server crapped out again. I do not know if it is just me but it seems once a year around this time my server software craps out and I have to reinstall which requires a return to backup. Last year at this time there was something which caused the blue screen of death and it was time for a new server so it got upgraded to better hardware. It is hard to not think about using Linux for the file server to store the files for a server that will not crash. The server software is SBS 2003 and an upgrade is needed but the cost of SBS is very pricy and it is hard to justify cost for just a file server. One problem is though we live in a Microsoft Windows world and it would be hard switch but in these days Linux plays well with Windows. The switch would be just the file server and this would put things in a more stable situation.

When it comes down to servers you have to upgrade the operations system to keep it up to date and secure and does not matter how old it may be. Today the Microsoft Small Business Server 2003 came up with blue screen of death and might have messed up the back-up in the process. When Window breaks it breaks and it takes forever to put back together. Even if you have to re-install and restore from back-up it still a full day commitment by a network admin which never have the time for and this is the worst time of the year to happen. At these times you may think about upgrading even if it is not the right timing but either way you got to get things going quickly.

In this case it was a bad hard drive which will wreak havoc on you for at least a week or two by the time you get your files in order. For a long time Microsoft’s Small Business Server was the choice of our main file server which worked great when you used Windows XP but now there has been more flavors of windows out in the market the perks of SBS has faded. The new computers come with more of the home additions and can be getting converted to a work environment with an upgrade. The business upgrade will allow domain connectivity for network security will be available for the users in this environment. At this point a simple purpose was needed a file server which will allow these files are read only over here and those files are read and write access over there.

Looking at the server in the grand scheme it just was not worth the price to replace the main hard drive which will fail in less than a year due to the technology EIDE just is not what it used to be. There was an old set of SCSI hard drives sitting around doing nothing so they were tried. The windows driver which was downloaded in hopes it will work failed so the decision was made to put the Debian Linux disk in and give it a try. The install found all the hardware and installed the files correctly and amazed to see the install had the info for the SCSI hardware. In a short period of time there was a working Debian desk top working correctly.

Ok that was the easy part getting the rest of it together took l almost two days of looking stuff up trying it out. I found a video which helped out a lot because it walks you through the setup of windows file server in Debian http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F7AHu0rax_4 to see the set of videos to get you up and running. There was some other issues like getting an ntfs file system to share in a Linux box but it is up and running. The openssh server addition was installed with putty for remote access and this makes making server changes much easier.

After the install and configuration was completed the feeling of free of Microsoft is starting to take hold I do believe Microsoft has done a lot for example the Microsoft.Net framework which has made so much happen to user to database interaction to make e-commerce what it is today. Even myself I have created a very large web presence off of http://www.epiccomputers.biz to have all the things in place but when it comes down to the prices for software upgrades it can be hard to reach in these economic times. So at times the decisions have to be made to choose the more inexpensive avenue to keep the books balanced. When it comes to this one it was a winner and will stay in this condition until the next break down.

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The Right Online Marketing Tools

December 17, 2012 106 comments

More than ever small and medium business owners are looking to the internet to get those extra customer sales which is a difficult task. With all the choices out there where do you start to look because you hear so much on the radio and get so much in the mail about how this system is better than the other guys. Your sales team still goes out in the market to work on bring in new customers but with less and less results even when they are contacting some of the people they talked to before. The customers you are trying to work with are more educated and more cost conches than before. As the business owner you also have to watch the dollars also because like your own customers you have to do the same.

Over the last decade you as a business owner or manager have seen the trends go pretty much upside down with most customers looking to the internet for the products and services they need. Just pick up any News Week or New York Times and you can see it. Look at the state of our economy it not big news and not trying to tell you this here. You know your customers are looking for new suppliers online because it is easy find products and services there. On that same point you as a business also need to tap into this resource to compensate for the lack of sales in your own local market.

When you turn on the radio or read just about any publication you are reminded about the need for online marketing. Finding the right tools for your particular market is important. Let’s say you sell raw paper to news papers or magazines and being a big bulk suppler mass e-mailing campaign would not be affective to bring in leads. You would have a better chance to find leads by creating a good web presence with a good blog showing how much of a market leader you are. Whereas if you sell low priced novelty items you could not count on large sales with the same technique so the right online marketing solution must fit the product.

There are a lot of tools to choose from and of course the first step is to have a good web presence which will interact with your current customers or prospects. Let’s go back to the paper supplier example again. The first step would be to create a good web presence with the ability to easily get customer or prospects information to allow your sales rep. to contact them to give the right information necessary to complete the sale or have a way your current customers can easily create orders right from your web site. Another part would to have a well put together Blog to give prospects who are on the fence to see more information to see you are a leader in this market not just someone who peddles paper and not knowing anything about it. Let’s face it people buy from people who know what they are talking about.

The other example of the company who sells the novelty items a good web site and blog would not be enough. Because this kind of company needs to sell to broader amount of people so having a good web site just a place to start. One important part is the ability to gather e-mail address but just saying “let us have your e-mail address so we can send you advertisement” will not work. You would have to try something like this “Can we have your e-mail address to send you our news letter about the latest novelty items” or something like that. Now you have someone’s contact info to send them your specials with your e-mailing to which is built into your web application.

When you add some good online marketing tactics you will not just be selling your product or service but you will be educating customers or prospects with the latest information in your industry which you are a leader in. In this new marketing environment there is never too much information because if you do not provide it your competitor will and you will lose the sale to them. So any more education is the key to get customers and keep them which the right online tools you can do it. Having a good web application like EpicNet at http://www.eazystorefronts.com with all the marketing tools at http://www.epiccomputers.biz will make your online marketing campaign a success.

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